About Us

From Heli drops to cat skiing and snowmobile tours in Hokkaido, the Hokkaido Backcountry Club has developed the best of the best for chasing powder via mechanized travel. After years spent seeking out the perfect terrain in Hokkaido we worked closely with the local town governments and forestry service for exclusive guiding permits in these areas. Now every season we are expanding our terrain and working to educate the public in avalanche safety.

It is not just helicopters, snow cats, and sleds that make us great. Our guides have seasons of experience under their belts as professional certified ski and snowboard guides. This ensures that while you are out in the backcountry having fun and making memories you are in the best hands possible. We like to keep things just the right amount of serious around here.

None of this would matter though without our mastery of snow forecasting. Hokkaido is an island bordered by the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; this island effect mixed with mountains and flat valleys creates a multitude of micro-climates. Our understanding of the nuances in storms systems mixed with our weather resources around Hokkaido ensures that we know where the best snow is for all of our operations.

Along with mechanized travel Hokkaido Backcountry Club offer human powdered tours into the backcountry through our sister company Black Diamond Tours.

Company Information

Company Name: JRT Trading Pty. Ltd.

Director: Clayton Kernaghan

Date of Establishment: September 2005

Address: 24-3 Higashiyama, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan, 048-1521

Email: info@hokkaidobackcountryclub.com

Tel: +81 (0)90-2054-8687

FAX: +81(0)11-351-1057

Corporate Number: 7430002057369

Travel Operator Number: 2-768

Hotel Business Registration Number: 678-31

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