Motta Onsen

Motta Onsen is located on the coastal line of Shimamaki Town and is one of the 5 radium hot springs located in Hokkaido. Guests staying at this hot spring lodge will have access to the hot spring 24/7. Males and females have separate hot springs which each have a hot spring outside and inside (with showers as well). Enjoy the sunset views after a pow day!

The lodge has 6 rooms in total where each room can sleep up to 3 people. All rooms are Japanese style rooms where you will be sleeping on futons in a tatami room. There are no private toilets or showers in the guests rooms. Toilets are shared amongst other guests but men and women toilets are separated.

Guests staying at the Motta Onsen will eat breakfast and dinner at the lodge each night.

Please note that the cat staging area is about a 30 minute drive from lodge. HBC guides will be driving guests to the cat staging area and back.

Address: 362-1 Sakaehama, Shimamaki-mura, Shimamaki-gun, Hokkaido 048-0634

Map: Click here