Advanced Backcountry Tours

Summit Glory!
Rider: Shin Doi
Photo: Sam Roche

Do you have experience using skins and have done a variety of backcountry tours on skis or a splitboard before? Then our Advanced Guided Backcountry Tours is the right choice for you. If you are joining a group trip we will do our best to put you in a group with backcountry skiers and riders that have similar levels of experience.

We offer guided backcountry tours to a variety of destinations and will ultimately allow the weather to decide where we will go on the day of your trip. We have included brief descriptions of some of our more popular backcountry destinations below so please read through these to get an idea of some of the areas we visit. If you have a destination preference let us know; you will also be able to discuss this again with your guide on the day of your trip.

A combination of different guided backcountry tours is possible too.


Private Tour: 135,000yen  + 10% tax (up to 5 people), additional 135,000yen + 10% tax for groups of 6 – 10.

Price Includes

  • Guide, transportation, and necessary avalanche safety kit
  • Avalanche safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe, and appropriate backpack) are required. If you do not have your own please let us know when booking so we can provide equipment as necessary
  • Guest to guide ratio: max 5:1
  • Touring gear is required but not included in trip price.
  • Please contact our sister company Niseko Basecamp for touring gear rentals.

Backcountry Tour Details

All tours begin with your guide picking you up directly from your accommodation in one of our comfortable 4WD drive vehicles between 8 AM and 8.30 AM. You will be contacted the evening before your scheduled trip about an exact pick up time.
Depending on your equipment we will get the required rental gear for you or head straight to the trailhead.
With our guides leading the way you can expect to find the best skin tracks and powder stashes.
At the end of your successful powder day your guide will take you back to your accommodation.


For a full day experience in the backcountry sign up for our 1 day trip. We will start the day by driving to Goshiki onsen before setting out on foot. Goshiki onsen is located at an elevation of 750 meters meaning that it does not take long to get above tree line. Expect to spend most of the day in open alpine terrain with incredible views of both the Sea of Japan & Pacific Ocean, along with the Niseko range, Mount Yotei and surrounding valleys.

There is a wide selection of great terrain in this area and peaks within reach include Iwaonupurri, Nihonupurri, and Chisenupurri. If you are up to it we can even traverse the range bagging all 3 of these summits in one day.

Regardless of what we ski, we will finish the day with a run down to the beautiful Goshiki onsen. At the onsen you can grab a beer from the nearest vending machine and relax your tired legs in the natural hot spring.

Another twist on this trip is to start the day using the Niseko lift network then climbing the Annapuri peak and descending towards Goshiki onsen. From here you will strap on your touring gear to full earn your turns under human powder for the rest of the day. This option does require a one ride Niseko lift pass but permits one top to bottom run with minimal effort before we get into the backcountry.

Note: As the best skiing terrain in this area is above tree line, it is best suited for travel on clear, sunny days. In less favorable conditions we may adjust the destination to suit weather conditions.

Due to Hokkaido’s relentless snowstorms there are only a handful of days through the winter months when a summit attempt of Mount Yotei is possible. However, the lower slopes of Yotei offer reliably good snow, great gladed backcountry skiing, and seemingly endless terrain.

We can typically climb to at least 1200 meters elevation after starting at around 400m. From here we start skiing and will lap several great volcano lines pushing as high on the mountain as visibility permits before our final, long descent.

Also to note that while the summit is not the objective with this trip (top quality pow skiing is!!) if the group is moving well and the weather cooperates we will consider heading for the top.

Adjacent to nearby Rusutsu resort, Shiribetsu-dake (Mount Shiribetsu) offers a formidable backcountry challenge and some immaculate fall line skiing. Our day begins on the Western slopes of Shiribetsu (opposite side of the mountain from Rusutsu resort) as we ascend through the low angle slopes at the base of this extinct volcano.

After a relaxing opening the climb steepens but you will be rewarded with spectacular ridgeline views of the surrounding peaks including Mount Yotei and Niseko Annupurri throughout. In general we spend about 2-3 hours on the first ascent before reaching the peak. We will lap up 2-3 (or more if you’re up to it!!) runs on the upper mountain before beginning our final top to bottom descent offering a consistent pitch for the first 300+ meters before slowly mellowing out into a cruiser powder bowl. The run finishes in typical Hokkaido style as we wind through the trees back to civilization.