Mount Yotei Summit Tours

Mt Yotei Backcountry Skiing

Mount Yotei dominates the skyline of the Niseko Valley and is one of the highest peaks in Hokkaido. If a trip to ski Mt Yotei has been calling your name and you are looking for a challenge, Yotei Summit Tours is for you. The skin up this iconic peak can take between 5 and 8 hours and will truly test your fitness.

Time permitting, once we reach the summit we will drop in to ski Mt Yotei’s crater for some wide open pow turns. Conditions inside the crater are typically some of the best on the mountain as the wind deposits snow from all directions.

On the right day, climbing Yotei is truly one of the most incredible experiences you will have in Hokkaido. Every trip is different though – sometimes extremely windy, often icy or wind packed (particularly on the upper mountain), and occasionally you find yourself above the clouds basking in sunshine while the valley is socked in. The favorite rarity though, is when we find it completely still without a cloud in sight and nothing but powder between the peak and valley floor. If you are in good physical shape, have some backcountry experience and feel up to the challenge we look forward to taking you to the top!

Weather conditions need to be ideal to ski Mt Yotei as visibility, wind, and avalanche conditions are all major factors which can prevent us from being able to conquer this volcano. Conditions can change quickly through the day and our guides may be forced to turn the trip back to avoid approaching weather, or if we are running out of daylight hours.

Yotei Summit Tours reservations can only be booked as a private tour.

We maintain an ongoing standby list to ski Mt Yotei throughout the winter and can add you to this list at no charge. Please advise us of the dates that you will be staying in Niseko and would be available to climb Yotei. If weather and snow conditions align our office will contact you the afternoon before the proposed trip. There is a short window for these trips due to the variable conditions but, you will not be charged until you have confirmed your trip. Please note that due to the high volume of requests and limited weather windows if we do not receive a timely response we will need to move on to the next guests on the wait list.

*If you have never traveled in the backcountry, please check out one of our other trips first to hone your skills before taking on Yotei.


Private Tour: 270,000yen + 10% tax (up to 10 people)

Price Includes

  • Guide, transportation, and necessary avalanche safety kit
  • Touring gear required but not included in trip price. Please inquire for rental rates if you do not have your own touring equipment.
  • Avalanche safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe, and appropriate backpack) are required. If you do not have your own please let us know when booking so we can provide equipment as necessary.
  • Guest to guide ratio: max 5:1
  • Advanced skiers only with prior backcountry experience